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CTM Parish

Nestling along the banks of the River Thames are the three churches of the parish of Caversham Thameside and Mapledurham.

Mike SmithAs a parish we are developing our life together in line with our chosen values: “inclusive, generous and life-giving”. We believe this provides the qualities within which each of our churches can grow and thrive.

Our churches share many similarities: we sing hymns accompanied by an organ; we process with clergy and choir in robes; and we preach about the generosity of God whose love is beyond measure and freely offered to all.

However, each of our churches has their own distinct feel as well.

St John the Baptist Church, on Gosbrook Road, is a neighbourhood church with a focus on ‘community ministry’, seeking to grow by engaging with people who live in the area.

St Peter’s Church, just above Caversham Court, is a gathered church with a focus on liturgy and learning seeking to grow by welcoming people through the church doors.

St Margaret’s Mapledurham, at the heart of the beautiful village of Mapledurham, is a pilgrim church with a focus on companionship, seeking to grow by embracing others on the journey of faith.

Together we proclaim that God’s love is absolute, inclusive and available to all.

We look forward to welcoming you soon to one of our churches.

Mike Smith