A number of applications were received for the post of Rector. However at the shortlisting meeting on 14 May with the Bishop it was agreed that none of the applicants had the right fit for the post so we would not be interviewing any of them. We will re-advertise in September with shortlisting and interviews due to take place in October.

We understand this may be a disappointment, but it is not unusual to have to re-advertise. It is important to ensure we appoint the right person rather than simply ‘make do’ – a feeling shared by all present at the meeting.

The new timetable for appointment has been set as follows:

  • Advertise in Church Times: 13th and 20th September
  • Deadline for applications: 30th September
  • Shortlisting: 7th October
  • Interviews: 21st October

Please continue to pray for a successful outcome and that we will eventually find the right person.