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Church House

Church House is a parish property in the centre of Caversham (57-59 Church Street). The building is divided into various sections:

2014 02 Church House 3Church House was given to the Parish in 1943 by the Haslam sisters, who stipulated the kind of purposes for which the building should be used. These can be summed up as Christian worship and the furtherance of Christ’s word in Caversham.

The building generally produces a healthy surplus, a proportion of which is made available to the Parish for use in accordance with these wishes. (This process is managed by the PCC Grants Team.) The rest is used by the Church House Leadership Team to maintain and improve the building and the facilities it offers.

If you are interested in hiring the hall, please see the Use of Buildings – Church House page. To book please email Church House or call 0118 947 1703.

Re-opening under COVID-19 conditions