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PCC Grants Team

The Grants Team was established to ensure the appropriate disbursement of surplus monies generated by Church House and works under the guidance of the PCC. The Haslam sisters donated Church House to the Parish of Caversham in 1943 and the trust deed, which transferred ownership of the building, set out the terms of the bequest. Disbursements from Church House funds may only be made in accordance with those terms, which can be summed up as Christian worship and the furtherance of Christ’s work in Caversham.

The responsibilities of the Grants Team are:

The terms of the bequest

The funds must be used for these purposes:

Grants in 2015

The Team made grants of £15,416.24 in 2015. They were for REInspired (£5,000), Fresh Expressions, Clergy Training and Retreats (£6,500), St Peter’s junior choir and youth work (£1,200), St Margaret’s Choir Robes (£1,424), St Margaret’s Electronic Keyboard (£635.96) and a Projector and Screen for St John’s Church (£656.28).

Priorities for 2016

The PCC have agreed the priorities for the allocation of Church House Grants. A minimum of 50% of the available money will be devoted to those priorities and grants can be made for up to 3 years. REInspired has already been made a priority and the funding period has been extended to 3 years on a level basis. The Grants Team have modified the application process in the light of the priorities.

The application process

The total amount available for grants each year is determined by the Church house Management Team in January. The application form is available for download from this website and can be submitted at any time. The Grants Team meets to consider applications at least three times a year and more frequently if, in the opinion of the Team, any application requires urgent consideration. Grants can be made until the funds for the year are exhausted and any surplus funds remain with Church House.

Each application has a nominated person who will account for the grant funds and a date by which the beneficiary expects the grant to be spent. In the case of applications from parish churches or church organisations and groups funds are released to the nominated person. In the case of applications from organisations or groups outside of the parish funds will be released by the Church House treasurer to the nominated person on production of each invoice. The nominated person will account for the use of the funds in a report to the Grants Team.

How to apply

Applications must be made on the application form, submitted as a hard copy or electronically to the Grants Team care of the Parish Office.

Download the application form