Taking funeral services for people who are bereaved is one of the greatest privileges offered to clergy in the Church of England. Not many people know that anyone can have a funeral service in their parish church, whether the deceased person was a member of that church or not. Services in church are followed by the Committal (the final part of the service) either in the Crematorium chapel or at the graveside. For many people the opportunity to remember their loved one with a service in church is an idea that just hasn’t crossed their minds. And very many of those who do opt for a church service are pleased to have done so, saying it was a great help for them.

With a service in church we can spend more time beforehand and afterwards sharing our grief and our memories; we are not limited to the time allowed within the crematorium chapel; and we can be more creative in how we construct the service so that it reflects as best we can the person who has died.

Whether you choose to have a service in church or not, we are always pleased to help families through this most sensitive and difficult of times. Our prayer is that a funeral service will bring comfort to those who mourn, whilst enabling us to give thanks to God for the gift of life. Funerals mark the end of the human part of our journey and we commend the person on their way into God’s merciful and eternal love.

For further information about Funerals do have a look at the Church of England’s website www.cofe.anglican.org/lifeevents or contact the Parish Administrator: admin@ctmparish.org.uk0118 996 8836.

A listing of the fees payable is available for each church: for St Peter, St Margaret and St John.