Address: St John the Baptist Church, St John’s Road, Caversham, RG4 8EB

Managed by: St John’s Church Leadership Team

The Church Leadership Team are keen to see this wonderful building used to its potential. A summary of the available facilities is on the main Use of Buildings page.

However using the building does cost money and as a church we have limited resources. Therefore the CLT have devised a policy on the use of the building and how that will be paid for.

For Church (‘internal’) events (and rehearsal time) the costs of the use of the building will be paid for from general church funds. For the avoidance of doubt Church ‘internal’ events are regular services and events on the Church Calendar as agreed by the CLT and published, excluding any events marked as external. Money raised in church events and services will normally be for general church funds unless otherwise agreed with the CLT, e.g. the CLT may agree to a collection for charity during a service.

For events which are run in ‘partnership’ with the church, organisers should agree at the outset with the church bookings team how any costs will be met and how any funds raised will be distributed.

For ‘external’ events run by organisations outside the church using our building, charges will be made to cover the costs of the running the building. Our charges are as follows:

Church Hire (hourly rate)£ 20

A refundable deposit of £50 is payable in advance.

Applications to use the building must be made on the booking form (Microsoft Word document), which should be returned to the church bookings co-ordinator. The contact details are on the form.