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Who’s Who – Phil Blackburn

Phil BlackburnPhil has been LLM in this parish since December 2013, based at St. John’s Church in Gosbrook Road. Before that he worshipped at Caversham Baptist Church, opposite Waitrose.

Phil’s day job is fixing computers – often an exercise in controlled frustration. His wife, Linda, works at a local school; his son, Matt, helps create computer games in Leamington Spa; and his daughter, Sarah, is a student (so rarely seen before lunchtime) who loves dancing.

Phil is fascinated by science, computers and the Bible … and is pleased that geekiness has come into fashion. He’s also partial to real ale and good food, and is hoping to make use, as work and weather allow, of a book of pub walks he was recently given.

LLM (Licensed Lay Minister) is one of those vague TLAs that the Church of England loves.