St Peter, Caversham

Here is a small offering of some exciting homegrown products that are available for Christmas. All proceeds will go to the St Peters Reordering Fund.

Please place your orders with Caroline Smith at the parish office, ☎ 0118 996 8836

Click on the pictures to see larger versions.

Quince jellyMrs Asquith’s Quince Jelly£2.50 (Large)
£1.50 (Small)
Jacquie's JelliesJacquie’s Jellies
Blackberry & Apple; Crabapple with Cloves; Raspberry & Apple
£2.50 (Large)
£1.50 (Small)
Caversham Calendar‘Caversham Through the Year’ Calendar£5
Music-GClefFrancis’ Christmas Carol and Song Anagrams£2.50
Christmas Pudding Tea CosyChristmas Pudding Tea Cosy/Hat£5
HyacinthFragrant Hyacinth in a Can£2
Crocheted BroochesCrocheted Brooches, various colours£1 each
Crocheted Key RingsCrocheted Key Rings, various colours£1 each
Five card designssPack of 5 Christmas Cards

Profits from these cards will go towards paying for Danny from Kenya to have a corrective operation in Nairobi. He was born with bilateral club feet and is unable to walk.